How everything began!

BESSEY. Simply better” – a challenge BESSEY sought to rise to, even when looking for options to expand its range. This involved extensive analysis of clamping tools related to the current product portfolio. The toggle clamp segment came more and more into focus, a segment containing products that have not undergone much innovation in years. In its development, BESSEY pursued one objective: “Innovate – don’t imitate”. The most significant disadvantages of traditional toggle clamps – time-consuming adjustment of the clamping range and lack of options to vary the clamping force – needed to be eradicated. But how? By transferring the screw clamp principle of quick adjustment to different work piece dimensions, to BESSEY toggle clamps.


August 2008

Development of initial ideas and designs for the subsequent product. Inspired by a mechanical system already achieved in other tools for variable clamping ranges and adjustable clamping forces.


December 2009

Production of an initial toggle clamp prototype based on the initial ideas and designs.


January 2010

Official start of the project based on an initial functional sample for the development of a 1st generation BESSEY toggle clamp.

March 2010

Presentation of the pre-series models for the 1st generation BESSEY toggle clamp range.

December 2010

Pre-series release following completion of improvements and optimisations. Production tools created.


March 2011

BESSEY world’s first presentation: Variable toggle clamp with automatic clamping range adjustment with constant clamping force.

August 2011

First delivery of 1st generation BESSEY toggle clamps: Horizontal and push/pull clamp with horizontal base plate.


The start of a
story of success

March 2012

Presentation of the BESSEY innovation at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne: Toggle clamp with automatic and infinitely variable adjustment to different work piece dimensions with constant clamping force.

April 2012

Decision to expand the 1st generation toggle clamp range to include more sizes and base plate variants.

October – December 2012

Sampling and creation of release samples for range expansion (1st generation small size).

October 2012

Attempt to implement the preferences from the 1st generation to a vertical clamp series as part of the range expansion. The mechanical system from the 1st generation could not, however, be adapted to work with a vertical clamp. Start of pre-project for expansion of a 2nd generation BESSEY toggle clamp range.

December 2012

First internal presentation of a functional sample with new, proprietary mechanical system based on a 2nd generation horizontal clamp. The aim was to demonstrate that a tried-and-tested device could also be equipped with the new mechanical system.


March 2013

Presentation of the first expanded 1st generation toggle clamp range: Horizontal and push/pull clamp in additional sizes and base plate variants.

April 2013

Implementation of the mechanical system developed by BESSEY to the vertical clamp: Presentation of an initial 2nd generation toggle clamp.

April 2013

Submission of patent application for 2nd generation BESSEY toggle clamp with proprietary mechanical system.


March 2014

Presentation of the BESSEY vertical clamp with globally unique 2nd generation mechanical system.
Presentation of accessories for use of the BESSEY toggle clamp on welding tables with 28 mm hole diameter.

17 April 2014

Granting of patent for 2nd generation proprietary BESSEY toggle clamp mechanical system.

October 2014

Completion of initial pre-series models of STC-HH50, STC-HH70 horizontal toggle clamps and STC-IHH25 push/pull clamp with patented 2nd generation BESSEY mechanical system.


March 2015

Presentation of accessories for use of the BESSEY toggle clamp on welding tables with 16 mm hole diameter.

April 2015

Complaint by a major competitor against the BESSEY toggle clamp patent.

June 2015

Start of sales of the 2nd generation toggle clamp series with BESSEY patent: STC-HH50 and STC-HH70 horizontal clamps, STC-IHH25 push/pull clamp and STC-VH20 and STC-VH50 vertical clamps.


March 2016

Presentation of the 2nd generation toggle clamp range at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne.

May 2016

Confirmation of the BESSEY toggle clamp patent by the German patent office. The complaint by the competitor was dismissed.



April 2017

Presentation of accessory for use of the BESSEY toggle clamp on multifunction tables.