Push/pull clamp STC-IHH / STC-IHA

These toggle clamps have proven particularly practical when carrying out milling and drilling work. The movement of the lever is converted into axial movement of the push rod, which means that the work piece is fixed from the side, rather than from above.
The variable push rod clamp is available with two base plate versions and with clamping ranges of 25 and 35 mm.

Product features:

  • Moving the handle moves the push-pull rod
  • Automatic and infinitely variable adjustment of the clamping height while clamping force remains unchanged – without having to make manual changes to the position of the pressure screws
  • Adjustable clamping force, based on the adjusting screw in the joint
  • Sturdy, tempered metal sheets for a long service life
  • Base plate hole pattern suitable for millimetres and inches
  • High-quality oil resistant twocomponent plastic handle



Horizontal base plate
Clamping height: up to max. 35 mm
Automatic adjustment: up to 13 mm
Clamping force: up to 2,500 N


Angled base plate
Clamping height: up to 25 mm
Automatic adjustment: up to 8 mm
Clamping force: up to 1,100 N

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