Vertical toggle clamp STC-VH

With the vertical clamp, the work piece is fixed from above, as with the horizontal clamp. In this case, however the lever is moved from bottom to top to clamp, and remains in the clamped position vertical to the table. This can be particularly advantageous when working on hard-to-access areas or when working opposite the clamping device.
The variable vertical clamp is available with a horizontal base plate and with clamping ranges of 35 and 40 mm.

Product features:

  • In the clamped position, the lever is vertical
  • Automatic, seamless adjustment of the clamping height with almost constant clamping force – without manual changing of the pressing screw position
  • Adjustable clamping force based on the adjusting screw in the joint
  • Sturdy, tempered sheet steel for longer service life
  • Base plate hole pattern suitable for millimetres and inches
  • High-quality, oil-resistant two component plastic handle



Horizontal base plate
Clamping height: up to max. 40 mm
Automatic adjustment: up to 35 mm
Clamping force: up to 2,500 N

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